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    'Lyon International' is just a name.
An idea born years ago.
The evolution of the idea is simple.
What is provided below is a snapshot of this 'evolution'.
Not any 1 thing, Not any 1 label however
Wood plays a major does a Charitable Organisation,
based in Central Scotland.
'More Than Fibro' (link above)

The very Original 'Lyon Ranpant'
Back on temporary loan.
Shot on location on the shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland.

A selection of recent designs and commisssions of Staffs.
Left to Right...
Holly with Antler, Hazel with Antler,
Blackthorn with Daffodil (Tigers Eye Crystal inset),
Hazel with Antler and Blackthorn with Antler.
'Thistle Head' Walking Stick, on the right here...
A commission requested to replace an existing stick.
Customer however, did indeed wish a unique piece
to celebrate a very significant Birthday.
Main body from Heavy 'Blackthorn' Wood.
Handle shaped from Zebrano with Green & Purple
stain applied purely for effect.
The insert showing just below the Handle is indeed
an insert of 'recycled' Larch to create an
'Energy Absorber'.
Finished with Brass Ferrel and Rubber piece.
Personally, this piece, Glockenspiel to support the development
of the 'Sensory Garden', was and will always be...
Simply 'STUNNING'!
9 pieces of wood, frame shaped from upcycled Spruce,
Pipes cut from Bamboo, chained together with
NO tuning involved.
An idea developed by 'Friends of Robertson Park',
Renfrew, Scotland and now an actual part of
Robertson Park Sensory Garden.
A place where people go for whatever people want
from any park.
Space. Peace. Whatever...
Like everything else in life....where does one start....
At the beginning, obviously.
Sometimes with a step, perhaps an idea or in 'Ambers' case....
A 40 year old chess piece, bit of imagination, piece of 'Yew' tree and then....the first cut!
Simply put. This is a 'commission' for a Friend of a Friend.
Not with standing matters of time involved, costs and the actual process,
the end result is what it is.
'Amber', the new owners chosen name was actually known as 'Cherry Goose' through
her 'development' stages. Certainly been getting about recently, particularly in and around the
Central Belt, Scotland.
The journey of any part of life though is always the real fun part and the customer....
The two images below are of definetely one of the most 'significant'
projects undertaken by Lyon International to date...
This a 1950, Ford F100 Pick Up Truck.
Imported from Texas by the current owner several years ago
and undergoing a full restoration of almost everything!!!!!
Very long story however the summary, Lyon International is now 'responsible'
for the cutting, shaping, fitting and finishing of the Mahogany which
has been chosen for both the back and running boards either side.
Still very much a 'Work-In-Progress' however, coming together nice.
Projects, commissions, requests and all manner
of pieces are now all a part of the
Lyon International platform.
Here beside is a request from
'The Lennox Partnership', Dalmuir, Glasgow.
The 'sign' was to depict the TLP logo, which
was satisified using colour and font style.
Could not find the font style actual so the end
result, as per normal, was done by hand and eye
Last I heard, The Lennox Partnership were indeed
delighted with the finished piece.
    The image on the left here is the smallest
snapshot of what lays behind, 'press'
to be taken to the website of
'More Than Fibro'.
Sharon Turnbull, the founder, has created
a place where support, information and people
 are readily available to assist those touched by.
Lyon International have offered support, unsurprisingly
with a crafted donation to raise
 both awareness and funds for
'More Than Fibro'.
    The 'Butterfly and Thistle', so aptly named, below is the donated piece offered to
'More Than Fibro'
Simple piece highlighting simple things.
Reclaimed Whisky Barrel staves for the wings.
Yew branch body.
Cherry Wood base.
Turned Spruce for the Thistle head.
Above and right show the during and completion
of a wonderful commission piece.
Requested as a gift to celebrate a 60th Birthday.
These images will never be able to tell the whole
story however the end result is simple.
A wooden representation of the Family name
and the Hut number where the piece is now
fixed in the bar area. Very apt.
The beauty of the Yew slab chosen is stunning.
The letters, actually in the Guinness font family,
are shaped from Silver Birch.
    You can tell when Spring is arriving....Flowers start appearing!
Even in the workshop.
Funny too, most of the woods used in the 'flowers' below was destined for landfill,
now re-cycled in an appropriate manner.
Daffodils and Shamrocks, there are no limits though.
BTW, the Shamrock piece was destined to be a Primary Schools' raffle prize....
No longer the case. It is now being displayed for all in the School foyer.
    AS OF TODAY, the old favourite is now back and available!
Traditional Wooden Clothes Line Stretcher Pole.....That FOLDS in half for easy storage!
Classic and very popular. Even more so now when the cost of indoor drying is through the roof.
Click on the image below for more details...
    Between Buttons, above left, Murphys, above right and flowers, below left...
Lyon International is having quite a time!
    Surely Spring is just around the corner
when all of a sudden FLOWERS start
to appear!
Happens that these two here, Cherry wood
(small) and Spruce are sat in a
Japanese Red Cedar vase.
Very effective and will certainly last
longer than any season.
(click on image for video)
    The 'Guinness' piece is a commision of considerable significance.
With lights for effect or on the table as is, it is still a statement.
Letters hand cut from Maple wood, mounted onto reclaimed
Spalted Beech. An eye catching advertisement on several fronts!
(click on images for videos)
Below right is another batch of recent requested buttons too.
Zebrano, Opepe, Laburnum, there is no end to the uses of such beautiful woods.
    I got a bonefide Pipe for Christmas!
Just had to make an ashtray,
turned from African Mahogany, just because.
(click in the image for TiK ToK video)

And below are just the most popular pieces,
by far.....
Lion Rampants, in all their splendour.
Spalted Beech, on the left.
Red Cedar strips and Larch.
Recent commisions and well received.
    Below here showing a 'collaboration' with another crafter.
Kennedys' Candles asked for display shelving and that is what they got.
Simple and very effective.
    As the 'Lyon International' platform
meanders along.....
Wooden BUTTONS now come on
board. Literally!
Above are a range of Buttons, delivered.
Left is Black Palm Wood that are shown as
the first 10 buttons on the far left above.
    In the Christmas advent, happens that the 'weandeers' are
very popular and bring that creative spark to others around.
'Tis the season after all.

    On the matter of all things Seasonal and Festive.
Below are images from a recent incredible 'event',
Carlibar Campus of Schools, Barrhead.
'PurpleHeart Wood' King & Queen 'Thistle' Chess pieces
with a Traditional 'Yule' log, shaped from a 'Yew' log
are just an example of the range on display.
    ABOVE, Christmas is getting closer, as well as showing 'Purple Heart Wood' and 'African Rose Wood' pieces.    
    BELOW, images of recent Craft Fayre displays, Barrhead Foundry and Kirklandneuk Community Centre    
    The development continues!
Above are depictions of simple Chess pieces. Centre is the 'Thistle King', turned from Alder.
Left is another King which is turned from the same laminated Red Cedar as his Queen on the right.
Below are easily identified surely.....Wine Bottles.
Ash Wood left and centre and laminated Red Cedar.
Table Centres, gifts or just to simply add a little extra to any space they go.
Another day, another creation!
Above and to the left here is a
very simple 'ping' hammer.
Heavy Goods Vehicle Inspector wanted
a longer handled hammer for under vehicle
reach, 400mm instead of 320mm.
Using Ash wood as seen above, using the lathe and getting very detailed with finishing chisels.
A good coat of wax, 4oz Standard head and personalised engraving.
Works a treat apparantely!
    Development and continued evolution of the idea that is 'Lyon International.
A snapshot to the right of a recent Fayre and below are images of` ongoing projects.
The introduction of the Lathe along with timbers including Ash, Japanese Red Cedar, Olive Wood and Cherry are providing a very exciting time.
The image above of the Rampant laid flat is part of a commision to craft yet another Flag piece.
Drop by again for further updates.
Shown here are examples of pieces created since June 2020 when this really all started.
From a stool, to the left here, which has been upcycled using paint a beautiful piece of Larch wood to more crafty cuts such as the centre piece from my very first, and extremely emotional commission and the Viking Chair as above.
Bigger projects being the 'Summer House' built from primarily upcycled Japanese Red Cedar pallets, 110, give or take a few, which includes a bar area and log burning stove!
An Epoxy Resin 'river' table joining 'waney' edge Oak wood, the 1p pieces are for no particular reason other than, it can be done.
Solid wood signage, 'Sitooterie' and writing with Epoxy Resin as 'Alba Gu Brath' are imaginations but very real.
Even the number plate is real,
S900 BYS,
albeit only for the customer who requested it.
Imagination, recycling and traditional crafting give you the idea that there are no limits.
Thank You for looking and if you want to discuss an idea or like something you see then do get in touch.
Best wishes. Carpe Diem
    Here above is a 'Thistle', looking resplendent cut from Scots Pine, obviously and mounted onto Larch wood, all reclaimed timber.
Standing a little over 12 inches tall with both woods 1 inch thick, makes for quite a piece!

The depictions of the 'Lion Rampant', right
and above right, are cut from Pine and
Larch wood respectively with both mounted
on the most incredible 'waney' edge Larch.
No favourites! These are mine.

Below is signage, handcrafted from recycled Larch wood with Red Cedar legs.
A fine example of simple techniques with the sign now sitting outside Hillview Care Home, Dalmuir.
Click the image to see more from the fete!
    Total recycling all around!
Names to the right are 3 inch tall cut from reclaimed Red Cedar and the name below is 12 inch tall cut from Larch wood courtesy of Glasgow Wood Recycling.
The effect from both is simple and stunning and available to order.